cups at smallequals. When women rule, everyone will be free.

If you follow me on my other blog, SeeSaw (it's >HERE< ) you've seen me introduce a host of new products over the 10 years I've been blogging and running shops. Some products sold well. Others didn't. Running a business is always a process. Or, as the trendies say now, a "journey."

Now I'm introducing mugs. I found a wonderful printer in the US that manufactures and drop ships. That's great for me, because the last thing I want is shelves full of inventory and trips to the post office. That was fine when I was younger, but thanks. But with all the advances in print technologies and online servicing, it's now relatively easy to make a great product AND have it delivered to the customer's home in a pretty package, safe and sound. 

When Women rule, everyone will be free. This is a variation on a print I designed, first as a silkscreen and then as a digital collage. Now available in mug form. The girls are a highly altered version of a mid 20th century matchbox label. I just adore them, and use them over and over. You can see a print of it I have available >HERE<

I've tested this cup and it passes both the visual test - it's gorgeous - and the drinkability test. I'm really picky about what kind of cup I like to drink from. They have to feel just right, with good balance, an easy to hold handle, and the right feel on the lips. I wouldn't sell a cup I don't like to use, so for what it's worth to you, this cup passes the LIZA COWAN DESIGN (that's me!) TEST. 

Find it >HERE<