I’m taking a four month Women’s Small Business course, and I’m learning a lot. Some things are really hard, like learning Excel, which I”m convinced was not made for left- brained INTJs like me. All those small numbers and lines. EEEK! 

  Some things are really fun, like marketing. I’ve been doing marketing for most of my life and it comes easily to me. Spreading ideas and images through social media is my way of playing. Writing press releases is easy for me, and I know how to send beautiful promotional emails. 

But branding? Me? I don’t want to. I pay attention to trends, I notice how certain color schemes and layouts are all the rage, and I listen to advice from the experts on how to be consistent, how to use slogans and layouts. 

I know that on a meta-level the images I produce have some kind of cohesion because they come from my mind, my spirit, and my long history of making art. That’s about as branded as I get. The paradox of branding is that non branding becomes its own form of branding. And I’ll leave it at that. 

cheers, Liza

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